Saturday, April 26, 2014

An entire month!

That's how long since my last blog entry, which is terrible. I'm not sure where the time went, and why I didn't blog. The time just seems to zip by.

We had a lovely Easter dinner at Mike and Donna's. We only got Good Friday off, we spent the last week making up snow days. 

I'm almost finished the second star afghan- this one is for Amary. 

We had a decorator come and give us a consultation. We're turning the living room back into a living room! We, meaning Ralph, is taking out a half wall and making the living room flow right into the dining room. It'll look really nice. 

Steph and Dan went to visit Manda and Ben and Amary for Easter, and had a nice weekend together. I'm so glad they live close enough- 4 hours away- that they can see each other fairly frequently, but not so close that they get on each others nerves.

Other than that, the usual. Go to work, come home, repeat 5 times a week. 


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