Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Snow!

Not much, actually. Just a dusting, but it's cold, and gray, and windy out. Ralph has the hallway all painted, and the ceiling and top half of the dining room. He's working on the bottom half, which is going to be green. The carpet will be installed on Tuesday.

I spent the morning clearing out the entertainment center and the desktop and hutch. Luckily we had already painted the family room, and it's in good shape. Toast has been helping by barking whenever Ralph makes noise.

My brother John is on his way up from Florida to visit and help clean out Mom's cellar (and hopefully take a bunch of stuff home with him). He left Polk City at noon yesterday, and thought he'd arrive in the middle of the night. Driving a truck with a trailer? yeah, right. He hit ice, and had to stop for several hours, so he got a long nap. We expect him between 3 and 4 p.m.

Heather and Ed have all the trucks and trailers emptied. When I talked to her at noon, she was arranging and decorating. Tomorrow she has to register Eddie at his new school. She arranged Eddie and Julie's rooms similar to their rooms in NJ, and they seem happy.

We have birthdays this month! Ed will be 41 tomorrow, Heather will be 34 on the 29th. Nephew David will be 25 on the 19th.

I finished quilting, binding and labelling the rail fence quilt, which I named Green Tea. It went to it's new home on Friday, when I gave it to my long time friend Carol. Carol has had so much go on over the last three years that she was in dire need of a quilt. She was shocked, and cried a little.

Goal for the week:
Finish emptying "stuff" out of the family room.
Carpet comes Tuesday.
Put everything back in its home.


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Manda said...

Yay snow! Lol that was so nice of Toast to help out like that! I'm glad Heather got in ok.