Friday, May 5, 2017

How can it be May?

I wasn't done with April! Or March, even! So much to do, so few hours in the day! Retirement is the best ever- I can't say that I miss work at all. I don't even miss the people- those who I was close to, I'm in contact with.

This is my big news! A 2017 Hyundai Tucson, in the color of Sedona Sunset. Going from a 2004 Caravan, it's quite a change! It does everything! Backup camera, huge sunroof, onboard navigation, satellite radio! A fob, not a key! And, it's the first car I've ever bought in my own name! Steph says that means I'm an adult now. It has the same cabin and storage size, just not the third row seating, which I don't need. It even has heated and air conditioned seats! 

My current projects! Winter Moon cross stitch, a kit I bought in Skagway- my only souvineer of my Alaska cruise. The crochet project is a lap sized afghan that will be a raffle item for the Burlington County Farm Fair. 

Sly is about 14, and has lived with us for 4 years now, along with his sister Tina. (They were named when we got them.) Suddenly after 4 years he's decided that I'm worthy of having him sit on my lap. Goofy guy!

Here's a better pic of my cross stitch. It's hard working on the dark fabric- I had to take the q snap off the frame to see it better. Yesterday we stopped at Rita's Water Ice and they have frozen sweet tea! I love it! Manda is ready to hop a plane and come and have some. 
Tina visited the living room! She usually stays in the family room, where she has her own recliner with a heating pad on it. She's not dumb! 
There's a diner fairly near us that has a quiche lunch special every day. Quiche, mixed greens, and soup for about $9! One week it was broccoli and cheese quiche, last week it was quiche Lorraine. 

I've been riding 3 miles a day on the recumbinent bike fairly consistently, about 5 days a week. I can feel the difference, it's strengthening my left leg.

And the days roll on!


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