Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wow- I lost October!

How can a month go by so quickly? It sure did, though. Work has been busy, busy, busy. I'm not buried in paperwork now, I can see daylight! Friday I spent most of the day teaching The Physics of Concussion to the science classes, with the help of my stuffed moose. 

Mom has been driving us all insane, and some days the drive is shorter than others. She's been wanting a new chair. Mike and Donna took her to probably 10 stores in the spring, and she couldn't find what she wants. The problem is that what she wants does not exist. She wants a recliner that doesn't recline- she only wants the footrest to rise, without the back reclining. She doesn't believe me when I tell her that if it's called a recliner, then it reclines. 

She needs surgery on her eye to prevent/stop macular degeneration. That will happen November 16. She's have to be head down for 5-7 days, and will have poor vision for 6 weeks after. So last week I took her to Komfort and Kare (I hate cutesy names) because she was sure they would have the chair she wanted. Their name should be Highway Robbers. So we went from there to Boscov's (her 3rd trip there) and she found a chair. It was delivered Friday, and within 2 minutes she hated it and said it wasn't the right chair. Mike took her back to Boscov's yesterday, established that it is the right chair, and set it up and locked it in position. And the salesman told her that what she wants does not exist. 

Amary's new thing is to scream when she's told no. From 3000 miles and a generation away, I find it extremely amusing. Garrett is already in 6 month size clothes, he's so tall. 

And it's November, and Ralph's trying to figure out how to upload my new pix from the phone to the computer.

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