Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's November!

Hurricane Sandy has left, and the cleanup is ongoing. The shore is a real mess, and I hope the people who lived there have good insurance. Ed worked long hours all week for the power company. 

Our district missed two days, and some missed three or four. For the first time in over 100 years, the NJ Teacher's Convention is cancelled! It's always held in AC the second Thursday and Friday. Since AC is such a mess, it's cancelled. 

Our district did the smart thing, and we have school next week, as does the town I live in. We already have off every holiday known to mankind, and some that I swear they make up, so we're always the last district to get out in the summer. Adding the two hurricane days would have brought us up to the next to the last day in June. As it is, we're off Tuesday for Election Day, even tho the kids can't vote, and next Monday for Veteran's Day. 

Yesterday we went to Bob Evans for breakfast- I had a coupon. From there we went to AC Moore, since I had used up the last of the yarn I had for baby afghans. I hit the last day of a 30% off all yarn sale, and stocked up. Then I came home and took a nap!

Last night daylight savings time ended, so for a while I'll be getting up after it gets light. The downside is that it will be dark by suppertime. 

And now that it's November, it's time to think about Thanksgiving and Thanksmas. This year Manda and Ben come to us for Thanksgiving, and go to Nebraska for Christmas. So we'll have Thanksmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving and exchange gifts with them, and have a family meal. Also that weekend, on Sunday, is the baby shower for Joe and Ali. 

And Manda agreed to teach me how to knit socks while she's home! I'm excited. When I told Barbara, she invited herself down for a lesson. She's knitted forever, but is just learning socks, and she's stuck. 

So November is going to be busy!

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