Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Falling down on the job!

I haven't posted in weeks! What's up with that? Just a total lack of ambition. 

We survived Hurricane Sandy. Our power was out for two hours last night, and Mom's was out for 18 hours- hers just came back on. I'm so glad Ralph is retired- it was so scary when the power was out and the wind was howling. It was just so dark! All the schools were closed yesterday and today. Tomorrow is back to the real world.

Today is a sad anniversary. It's one year since Sam died. She fought the good fight for ten years with grace, dignity, and a snotty sense of humor. We all miss her so much! It snowed the day she died, and we had Hurricane Sandy on the one year anniversary. Is she trying to tell us something? 

I really have to learn to post pix here from my phone, and from FB. I have a lot of beautiful pix from David and Juliette's wedding. 

Dave and Juliette have been married for over 2 weeks now! We drove down, and it was a beautiful drive. As soon as you leave NJ, it's not flat anymore! Five minutes from the hotel, the car started to make a funny noise- not good. I texted Ed and got some advise from him. 

The day of the wedding, Steph and Dan and Manda and Ben went to Antietim in the morning, and brought us back lunch. The wedding was at 4.30, on the grounds of a B&B. The B&B is built along a hill, and was built by the brother of George Washington! 

The ceremony was beautiful! The bride cried, the groom cried, we all cried! It was a lovely evening.

The next morning Ed and Ralph took the caravan out, and no sound! yay! To be safe, we had Steph and Dan bring Manda and Ben back to the airport, since they had an early evening flight. We made it home fine, they made their flight, and all was well. 

And it's going to be November! We have birthdays- Kevin, Morgan, Donna, Joseph, Franny, Carol.

I joined yet another ABC swap on the HGTV message boards. I took the letter P and got pumpkin fabric. I cut the squares today, and Ralph will mail them off to the swap hostess for me.

And the beat goes on!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


The week goes by much faster when it starts out with a day off! I saw Dr. Furey Monday about my foot, and he ordered an xray, but said he doesn't really think there's a fracture. By the time I saw him, the foot was feeling much better, and only painful to the touch in one small area. I ended up waiting til Tuesday and having the xray on my way home from work.

After seeing the doc, we went to Applebee's- Monday is broccoli cheese soup day! Then I went into Target for the first time since I got my new knee. I did fine walking around the store. 

Last night was Camden County School Nurses Assn. We had dinner courtesy of one of the drug companies, and an inservice on Glycemic Control. It was mainly boring, but it was good for 1.5 CEU's. I was home right before 9 pm.

Manda and Ben get in tomorrow night around 7.30. Ralph is going to the Amish Market to get dinner for them. Tonight I have to put sheets on the bed. I already raked off the kitchen table. There was about 2 weeks of mail that has to be sorted, so I put it in a bag and I'll go thru it while I watch TV. 

Saturday we leave for W. Va. for David and Juliette's wedding! Manda and Ben will ride down with Steph and Dan, and back with us. Heather and Ed will come down on Sunday, so that Ed and Jeanne will only have the kids for one night. 

I stopped at Saladworks and got us salads, which we had for dinner and we each had enough left for lunch tomorrow.

It's been getting so cold at night! We have the windows closed, the heat set at 68, and the electric blanket is on the bed. Every morning Cliffie runs to the porch door. We let her out, she goes on the porch and realizes that it's cold out there, and comes back in. 

And the beat goes on!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


All of a sudden it's Fall! We knew today was going to be in the 50's and dreary, so we closed all but the bedroom window last night, and that got closed in the middle of the night. We turned on the heat for the first time today, and I put the electric blanket on the bed. As Ralph says, Cliffie will never get out of bed now!

Somehow I hurt my left foot. It's swollen so much that I had to buy different shoes- my slides won't go on my foot! I've left a message for my doc asking for a referral for an xray. I'll get that done tomorrow, since we're off for Columbus Day. It also hurts to walk on it. 

I need to find out what's up with the foot, because next weekend we go away! David and Juliette's wedding is next Sunday. Manda and Ben get in on Friday evening, and Saturday they'll ride down to W. Va. with Steph and Dan, and Ralph and I will go by ourselves. We're all staying at the same hotel. Heather and Ed will come down on Sunday. We're all coming back up on Monday, and Manda and Ben fly out Monday evening. We all took personal days for Monday. 

My new knee is doing great! I've cut the tylenol way back, to one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and that's mainly for the old knee. I also use the cane for the old knee, although right now I'm using it for the sore foot, also. 

And the beat goes on!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's October!

September sure whizzed by! The weather has been gloriously cool and clear, til yesterday. It started raining, and got humid, and foggy. all of which make my new knee stiff. This morning I limped into work, following the aid that had major foot surgery this summer and is in a boot. A teacher limped in after us. Even getting out of the car I have to twist more than usual. 

October has Mom Florence's actual 90th birthday, Charlotte's birthday, and Justin's birthday. 

When I saw the cardiologist who did my ablation, he cut my beta blocker dose in half, and the last week in October I can discontinue it altogether. I can't believe how much better I feel with the dose cut! A beta blocker makes you tired all the time- everything is an effort. 

In September I read 13 books- 2 from the library and 11 on the Kindle or Nook. I also continued crocheting baby blankets for various babies who will be arriving soon, or have recently arrived. 

This weekend is a three day weekend, for Columbus Day. I'm looking forward to sleeping in. 

And so it goes!