Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter morning

The trifle is made and chilling, the roasted veggies are roasting, and when they come out of the over the potato casserole goes in. Then the mini hot dogs wrapped in crescents. When they all come out, it'll be time to go pick up Mom and head to Mike and Donna's. If Mom doesn't change her mind, as she well may.

Last night was a good night- I talked to all three of my daughters! Manda and Ben are having friends over, and eating dinner on the wedding china. Heather and Ed are waiting til tomorrow night to have the big dinner, when Ed, Jeanne, Michelle, Mia, Sienna and Bella are there. Steph and Dan are having brunch with his family, then dinner with us. Dan gets to ease into meeting the family- Mike, Mikey and Joe today. The men in the family can be overpowering, and they're all protective of Stephanie.

I made a new trifle, instead of Joseph's trifle. This seemed more springlike. Ladyfingers, banana pudding, strawberries, pineapple and bananas. It called for whipped cream on top, but there's no room in the trifle bowl.

We ate at Applebee's yesterday, and I had a new dish. Served on a hot plate, it's 2 corn cakes, topped with a half a chicken breast, topped with shaved ham, cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce. It came with corn spiced with jalepano, which I substituted with fries. I brought half of it home, there was so much. But it was really good!

And so it goes!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

We're off for the next week! The kids at school really need the time off. Food fights are starting, and they just need a break from school. As do the staff.

It was nice and warm, in the 80's, and now it's chilly again, and overcast. I never listen to the weather, I just call Mom and she gives me a report. She's got the TV on constantly, which would annoy me, but I think she uses it like I use the CD player, for background.

Easter dinner will be at Mike and Donna's. I have to go food shopping this morning. My contributions will be mini hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls, roasted vegtables (Steph's favorite), a new potato casserole that I want to try, and a new trifle that I want to try. Our family dinners are great places to try out recipes, because there's so much food that if one thing isn't good, it can be avoided. Steph is going to make a vegan dish.

I'm still having nights of not sleeping well, so by the end of the week I'm so tired that I go to bed around 7. Both doc's agree that it's hormonal, but since I go right to sleep I don't want to take anything. And I don't want to take anything when I wake up at 4 a.m. because I have to get up at 6.30.

My goal for the week off it to get one of my flimsies up on the longarm and get it quilted. And to clean at least one closet. Sam has been wanting to go to Wegman's, and it's a place I've never been, so we're going to do that one day.

Steph is bringing Dan to Easter dinner. We've met him twice, and he reminds me of Ralph, which is a good thing. Heather and Ed and the kids will have dinner at their house, and Easter Monday Ed, Jeanne, Michelle and her three girls are going to NC for 4 days to visit. Ben is working the next launch, so Ben and Manda have to be in Houston over Easter. I haven't asked my Mom yet what she's doing Sunday. She said the other week that she doesn't feel up to going to Mike's.

The crocheting continues- I finished the purple afghan, and started on a multicolored baby afghan. The quilting patterns I want are all organized and stored, and the rest of the magazines went out in the recycling.

And my spring cleaning is being done! This week Sharon did all the windows, and what a difference! Last year I was too sick, and last fall didn't feel like it. Ralph said that having the house cleaned every other week has made him more aware of cleaning up after himself- I should have hired her years ago!

And the beat goes on!

Friday, April 15, 2011


It was really nice for a day, then rainy for several, then nice-ish, now it's chilly again and rain is predicted for tomorrow.

Last week was kind of rough. April 5 was the fourth anniversary of my Dad's death, and April 7 was his birthday. I was glad to be at work and my mind occupied. This week my Mom started in home physical therapy. The therapist asked what her goals are. Mom said she's perfectly content to stay in the house, but the family wants her to go out. Yesterday she had a doctor's appointment, and Mike took her. She had a hard time coming back up the steps. She told me last night she won't be able to go to Easter dinner at Mike's. I knew she was going to try to get out of going. I try not to get upset, because I can't change anything, so I just keep her supplied with library books.

I'm over halfway done the purple afghan! Ralph found 3 plastic totes of yarn that I have no memory of buying, and don't know what I was going to do with them. So I packed them up and took them into the home ec teacher at work. She teaches all the kids to knit and/or crochet, so the yarn will be put to good use.

I went thru an entire bookcase full of quilting magazines, and tore out the pages I wanted, and put the rest out for recycle. I have about a hundred patterns that I saved, and it freed up the bookcase, which is now in the dining room holding cookbooks.

Steph had a scary allergic reaction and ended up in the ER and got a shot of epi. She's referred for allergy testing. We just got back from having dinner with her and Dan at Dublin Square, and she looks good. She was maroon in the ER, which is never good.

My work space at work is totally organized- I can put my hands on anything with no delay. My house is another story. It's getting better since we have the house cleaned every other week. That forces us to declutter on a regular basis, which is good.

I'm so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. This getting up at 6:30 a.m. gets old real fast.
And so it goes!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Raindrops on Roses

Some of my favorite things are the green and cream quilt that hangs on the family room wall, and the green and cream striped afghan that lives in the family room.
My sewing machine- a Janome 6500 that I bought in 2004, when I got addicted to quilting. It weighs 37 pounds, and it's name is Moose.
The quilt that my HGTV quilting group made me to "fix me" when I was so sick last year. It took awhile, but it worked!
My Nook, which has a whole lot of books on it, and gets a whole lot of use. It has a skin with trees on it, and is in it's new cover. A lot of people name their Nooks. My Nook may be named Elvis- I'm not sure yet.
This is the front of the Kate Spade cover. I loved it, but didn't want to pay $85 for it. When it went on sale for $19.99 with free shipping, I ordered it.
The spring Vera Bradley collection is out, and I fell in love with English Meadow. Today is nice and sunny and a good day for some retail therapy.
Manda knitted me socks for my birthday! I love them! They're a kind of wool that can be machine washed, and air dried. The color is so pretty! I can't believe she taught herself to knit by watching you-tube videos.
Last weekend Steph and I went to a small quilt show. I have this pattern, so I took a pic of how it can look.
This quilt is made of all fruit and veggie fabrics!
A bunch of different pointsettia fabrics.
Bargello- I love the colors.
Paper pieced- I have a couple of books on these quilts, and it's on my bucket list to make.

April is here. A lot of the northeast got a real April Fool with a lot of snow. We had rain, which is fine! My niece Naureen's birthday is today. Mike and Donna and Frank and Charlotte have April anniversaries. My Dad and Father in law were both born in April. And this year Easter is the end of April, so late that when we go back to school it will be May.

In March I read 17 books- 7 from the library and ten either from the Nook or my paperbacks. My favorites were the Krista Davis series, about Sophie, who is an event planner and has a fun group of family and friends. Sophie tends to fall over dead bodies.

Ralph found 3 totes of yarn downstairs that I'd forgotten I had, and don't remember why I bought. So I bagged them up and have been taking them in to the home ec teacher at work. She teaches the kids to knit and crochet, and some of them really get into it and make beautiful things.

I went to a baby shower yesterday for the daughter of my longtime friend Roseanne. The food was good, the company enjoyable, and the gifts gorgeous. The women at my table who were around my age were telling the young women how many things we didn't have when we had babies. Ultrasounds were rare, disposable diapers were expensive and leaky, the baby sat in a carseat in the front with us, there were no baby moniters or registries- they were incredulous. And of course no cell phones or digital cameras to take pix with, and no computers to send the pix by.

This week my cleaning person comes, and I look forward to the house being gorgeous. I find that we, especially Ralph, aren't cluttering as much, since we know we have to declutter before Sharon comes.

And the beat goes on!